Best Light Switch Timer: Top 5 of 2024

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Having a light timer is an easy way to save hundreds of dollars on your energy bill.

The best light switch timers include a programmable ON/OFF system, have manual and automatic control, and a slim fit design so that it doesn’t take up too much space in your home.

On the other hand, a slow or unresponsive timer can ruin your day. Defective batteries, limited programming options, and dim display screens are signs you need to watch out for.

To help you separate the good from the bad – we’ve reviewed the Top 5 Light Switch Timers of 2024.

Buy with the confidence that you’re buying one of the best light switch timers on the market. Let’s jump straight into the reviews.

best overall rating
Intermatic Light Timer
  • 40 ON/OFF events
  • Control CFL and LED lights
  • Non neutral wire
premium choice rating
Honeywell Light Timer
  • 7 programmable ON/OFF Schedules
  • 3 Button Interface
  • Easy to program
great value rating
Leviton Light Timer
  • Allows for 50 ON/OFF configurations
  • Large backlit display
  • Astronomical clock


Top 5 Best Light Switch Timers

Intermatic Astronomic Digital Light Timer – Best Overall

Intermatic ST01K Astronomic Digital In-Wall Timer
  • Controls LED and CFL lights
  • 24-hour or 7-day digital timer with up to 20 ON/OFF events
  • Astronomic feature, random feature, auto daylight saving time adjustment

The Intermatic Astronomic Digital Light Timer is the best light switch timer due to its 15 amp lighting control. This gives the timer the ability to be installed in commercial and residential areas.

Users can program 40 ON/OFF events to help improve the energy efficiency and automate routine lighting schedules. It simplifies everyday use by having an Astronomic feature, which allows users to set ON and OFF specific times during the year based on geographic dawn and dusk pattern. This gives you more control over the device annually.

The large LCD screen gives you a readout of load status, mode, and time of day. It has an easy installation process and reliable battery power. The battery doesn’t use house power to keep the programming in its memory.

The absence of a neutral wire connection streamlines the installation process, making it swift and suitable for retrofitting. This timer is designed to seamlessly integrate with Intermatic’s outdoor light switch timer, offering control over both LED and CFL lighting options.

It also features an automatic DST (Daylight Savings Time) feature, that keeps the schedule in sync throughout the season without needing additional maintenance. If you want a well-priced light switch timer with a range of helpful features, this is the light switch timer for you.

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What We Like
  • 40 On/OFF events
  • Control CFL and LED lights
  • Non neutral wire
  • For 3-way and single applications
  • Large LCD Display
What We Don’t Like
  • Difficult manual instructions
  • Defective Battery
  • Weak build construction

Honeywell Programmable Light Switch Timer – Premium Choice

Honeywell Home RPLS740B ECONOswitch 7-Day Solar Programmable Switch,...
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR LIGHTS - Add convenience and customization to your home with the Honeywell Home ECONOSwitch 7-Day Solar Programmable Light Switch
  • HELPS SAVE ON YOUR ENERGY BILL - Scheduled programming allows the Econoswitch to turn your home lights and motors on and off automatically, helping you save both time and...
  • CONTROL MULTIPLE DEVICES - Schedule your motor-operated appliances such as ceiling fans, bathroom fans, pond pumps, and pool pumps in addition to all your home lighting (one...

The Honeywell Programmer Light Switch Timer is the best premium light switch timer due to its wide range of extras. It has scheduled programming which allows the device to turn lights on or off automatically, which helps you save money and energy. 

Because of its Solar Time Table, users can save money on their energy bills with the press of a button.

This switch timer has 7 programs that can last for a week. A single program can last throughout the day or it can be repeated throughout the week. With its 3 button interface, the device is easy for beginners to program based on their personal preferences. 

When a user enters their home’s longitude and latitude, the device’s Solar Time Table calculates the correct sunset and sunrise days throughout the year. This helps with providing light when it’s most convenient, which also helps save on energy bills. While it is a slightly pricier option, the Honeywell Programmable Light Switch Timer has enough features to keep your lighting system operating smoothly.

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What We Like
  • 7 programmable ON/OFF Schedules
  • 3 Button Interface
  • ECONOSwitch works with programmed schedules
  • Controls multiple devices
  • Simple installation
What We Don’t Like
  • Doesn’t retain date/time during power outage
  • Unable to track the sun
  • Time zones don’t include certain cities

Leviton Programmable Light Timer with Astronomical Clock – Great Value

Leviton VPT24-1PZ Vizia 24-Hour Programmable Indoor Timer with...
  • CONVENIENT – Automate interior/exterior lights and more
  • ENERGY SAVING – Reduce energy consumption and extend bulb life
  • FLEXIBLE- Program up to 49 on/off event settings per day

The Leviton Programmable Light Timer with Astronomical Clock is a great value light timer switch due to its affordability and performance. Users can see the timer settings easily thanks to the large backlit display. This make it easier to keep track of the settings at a glance.

The built-in astronomical clock of this light timer minimizes maintenance needs by smartly adjusting to Daylight Saving changes and local sunrise and sunset times, ensuring your lighting aligns perfectly with the day’s natural light cycle.

Also, its built-in battery doesn’t need to be replaced. As a result, it keeps the programmed settings even if there is a power interruption. Users don’t have to worry about resetting their devices in the event an emergency surge occurs. 

This product also comes with a professional mode that allows you to program 50 ON/OFF settings daily. Users are able to set the lighting based on the weekdays, weekends, all days, and a combination of days. So you’ll have enough customizable settings to ensure that you have the most efficient lighting possible. Get this light switch if you’re on a budget and need something that’s reliable at managing your home lighting system.

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What We Like
  • Allows for 50 ON/OFF configurations
  • Large backlit display
  • Astronomical clock
  • Automated control of pumps, fans, and lights
What We Don’t Like
  • Limited programming capability
  • Limited backup battery
  • Complex installation progress

Defiant 20-Amp In-Wall Digital Timer

Defiant 20-amp 7-day 7-event In-wall Digital Timer
  • Programmable to the minute
  • Single-pole or 3-way
  • 125 Volt, 60Hz, 20 Amps resistive, 15 Amps tungsten, 16 Amps

The Defiant 20-Amp In-Wall Digital Timer is the best light timer switch for old wiring due to its relatively versatile design. It has a 125-volt protection, 15 amps tungsten, and 20 resistive amps.

Electrical knowledge is needed if you plan on taking the DIY route with the installation. If you’re trying to enable 3-way switching, you’ll have to install the alternate switch in one of the traveler’s circuits.

The display screen’s dimness may require closer inspection for clear readability. Positioning this switch in a well-lit area can mitigate visibility issues, enhancing user experience.

We believe the Defiant 20-Amp In-Wall Digital Timer is a great alternative timer if the previous 3 don’t tickle your fancy. While it has minor issues, it’s still one of the best timer light switches in its price range.

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What We Like
  • Simple DIY Installation Process
  • 20 Amps
  • User programmable to the minute
  • 125 Volt rating
  • Provide sunrise and sunset times
What We Don’t Like
  • Dim display screen
  • Difficulty getting the timer to work
  • Door flaps easily break off

Enerlites Digital Programmable Timer Light Switch

ENERLITES - HET01-C-W Programmable Digital Timer Switch for Lights,...
  • Programming Convenience: Set schedules to control your indoor and outdoor lights, fans, sprinklers, and motors to turn on and off automatically at the present time.
  • 18 Timer Options - Create 18 different on/off timer settings and let HET01-C wall timer do the rest. Timer cover can be pressed to manually turn lights on and off.
  • Backup Battery: In case of power outage, the built in Ni-MH battery secures preprogrammed timer settings. RCL feature can be used to recall your last setting.

The Enerlites Digital Programmable Timer Light Switch is the best buy light switch timer. It includes the ability to configure 18 ON/OFF timer settings, giving you more customization options with your home lighting. 

It works by preset lighting based on use. This model’s performance isn’t as stellar as some of the other options, as it’s relatively lacking in extras and additional features.

However, the build quality could be improved. Users might find the control panel door challenging to close securely, suggesting a need for refinement in its construction.

While its simplicity in installation is a plus, the overall performance leaves room for enhancement, underscoring the need for a balance between ease of setup and functional excellence.

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What We Like
  • Programming Convenience
  • Manual and Automatic Control
  • Neutral Wire Needed
  • Slim fit design
  • 18 ON/OFF settings
What We Don’t Like
  • No diagrams or complete instructions
  • Weak backup battery
  • Difficult user manual

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